Are you a female entrepreneur
who struggles
with all the writing
your business needs?

Turn your About Me page from “meh” to magic!

I’m Melissa Meyer, owner of Bets & Ben Creative.

to my little slice of the internet pie!

Grab a cup of coffee to go with the slice of pie and stay a while. I’m so glad you’re here.

If you are a female entrepreneur running your own business and struggle with all the words that you need to write (So. Many. Words.), you are in the right place!

You’re so busy serving others with your service and THAT’S what you want to concentrate on. Who has time to write? Hand it over to me and I’ll serve it up to you on one of those gigantic restaurant trays (metaphorically speaking).

I love working with three types of people.

First, the go-getters. The women who make things HAPPEN.

And second, the creatives. The ones with ideas who make others take notice. Often, these two people are one in the same!

And third, I love working with women of faith. If you are a creative go-getter, walking with Jesus in your life, it’s the trifecta!

A three-for-one entrepreneur is my favorite person to work with!


Let’s book a free 30 minute call to see if we go together like brownies and ice cream…or apple pie and whipped cream…or strawberries and shortcake! Mmm…sugar.

My values:

Bets & Ben Creative, LLC is all about fun, creativity, and faith

When I worked in the corporate world, so much of the written communication was so serious. Like it was all life and death stuff. It wasn’t. Where was the fun? I was convinced fun came to the office to die. It’s not like that around here, missy. 

I’ve been told pretty much most of my 40+ years that I’m creative. Both with words and with ideas. Let’s write your message in a way that is inspired, not dullsville.

And my value of faith encompasses a lot of things – honesty, integrity, and joy. I’m going to treat your business as my business and use my God-given talents to give you my best efforts!

Getting my thoughts into coherent and attention-grabbing writing is a challenge for me. I have a website but was getting a lot of the same questions over and over. I needed a website audit to see where some of my words were lacking clarity and from there I needed some of my content rewritten.

Melissa took the time to understand me and my business goals. With that information, she wrote in a way that is perfect for my business and website. She created a custom pricing package for my needs. I would recommend her to anyone needing a writer’s eye to audit your website. She was easy to work with, fast, and creative with words.

Mandi Schug

Alabaster Photos

I connected with Bets & Ben Creative through a referral. Our HR team had an overwhelming task – to consolidate employment policies from various sources into one logical tool for our employees. While I could have gone to other legal and HR support services, these services tend to write with a tone that is adversarial. I wanted the tone of this tool to be open and casual to drive belonging as an employee into having a voice in the ways we work.

Melissa was fantastic to work with right from the beginning. She understood my intent of reflecting our company’s culture in this process and aligned writing styles to match it. And she gave warm and appreciative context along the editing process…which has helped our HR team!

I would absolutely recommend Melissa as a partner to take on more writing needs for your organization – she tailors the message to fit both you and your audience. And, she’s super easy to do business with which makes it so much better!

Anita Bahr

VP Human Resources, Millerbernd Manufacturing

I am so happy with Melissa’s work ethic and style in creating a case study for my life coaching business. With permission from my client, she was able to interview the client and write up the case study quickly. I highly recommend her for any case study you may need. I’m using her writing services again for sure!

Stacey Shapiro

Awareness Coaching, LLC

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