You dread writing. Or don’t have time. How can I serve you?

Web copy – Whenever someone wants to know ANYTHING about a business, where do they go straight away? That’s right. Say it with me, class. “The business’ website!” That’s why you can’t afford to get your message wrong. I can help you clearly get your message across such as who you serve, how you’re going to solve their problem, and what you’re all about. 

Case studies – Okay I’ll admit it. The words “case study” sound so academic. Or something to do with lawyers. But they’re a sweet and tasty marketing tool that can bring in a lot of business for you. So, let’s just call them Success Stories. Success Stories are testimonials from your customers that tell a story. I can craft a client’s testimony into a message that tells of their challenge, your solution, and their results. Success Stories are a great way to fast-track a potential customer into a paying customer. Everyone wants social proof before buying. Success Stories provide it.

Blog posts – A great way to drive traffic to your website are blog posts. But blog posts are no good if no one reads them because they’re blander than a dried out rice cake. Let’s change that boring rice cake into a big ‘ol slice of scrumptious chocolate cake…and once that blog post is read, your reader will be hungry for more from your website. 

Don’t see the service you’re looking for on the menu, but want to hire me? Let’s talk because I’m always learning and open to taking on writing projects that don’t fit into the above categories.

On The Menu

Just a taste
Maybe you don’t need copy for an entire website. Simply need a fun and attention-grabbing About Me page? I can do that!

Want to test the waters with my blog writing skills? Okay, let’s start with one.

About Me pages

starting at $350

Blog posts

starting at $150 for 500 words

Big ‘ol slice 
Need a heartier piece of writing that’s going to speed up the “Know, Like, Trust” process? Success Stories show how you solved a customer’s problem. Savvy customers are looking for proof that what you say you can do…you can do! Success Stories show off your results without being “in your face” salesy. (Ugh. Gross.) And one of the best parts of these hidden gems of the marketing world is that Success Stories can be used over and over to really get your message across. Repurpose them into blog posts, social media posts, emails, podcasts – the possibilities are a virtual dessert buffet!

Success Stories

starting at $700

Give me
the whole dessert

Purchase a package and I’ll give you a reduced price! 

Copy for three web pages

starting at $950

Package of four blog posts

500 words each, starting at $525

Package of three Success Stories

starting at $1900


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